It’s beginning to look like an Etsy Christmas..

Now that its officially December, I feel much better about discussing Christmas and Holiday festivities. The weather has been fluctuating between 50-60 degrees here, and its making it very hard to believe we’re already into December and soon it’ll be the new year.

Last year I did my absolute best to buy all handmade, local, and treasures from Etsy. This year, I’m hoping to do even better than last year.

Here’s a list of my very own favorites from Etsy that I wouldn’t mind finding in my stocking and under the tree.

{Arrow Necklace via Bark Decor}

{Golden Snitch Locket via PrettyLittleCharmsUK}

{Activated Charcoal Soap via Rocky Top Soap Shop}

{Owl Light Box via Evolving Habitat}

{Arrow Pillowcases via KnockKnockStudio}

{Going Hunting Pillow via Bark Decor}

{Chevron Three Arrow Earrings via See Green}

{Framed Vintage Skeleton Key and Key Hole via Jordan James Homestead}

{70’s Inspired Fabric Button Necklace via Blue Couch Designs}

{Hand Printed Circle Scarf via Bark Decor}

Do you have any favorite Etsy finds this holiday season? Share them!




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7 responses to “It’s beginning to look like an Etsy Christmas..

  1. BLOODY LOVE ETSY! Have you seen these collages? I need another picture on my wall like I need a hole in the head, but mmmm!

  2. Great finds! I love the owl light box!

  3. Love! Especially the golden snitch.

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