What to Wear Wednesday: Dress Edition

The end of the year is drawing near, and you know what that means.. dun dun dunnnn..Holiday parties. I’m certainly not one to turn down the opportunity to get all dressed up and have a fancy cocktail, or two. But the stress of finding the absolute perfect outfit is beginning to put knots in my stomach.

I have precisely 10 days until my work’s holiday party. 17 days until my loves work holiday party. This means its time to kick it into over drive.

I’ve made the decision to buy a dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing. If you’ve never visited the site, you should! With an introduction to their dresses like this one, how can you say no?

“Dresses | From cotton sundresses in retro patterns to classic wiggles in rich satins and jewel tones, our vintage-inspired dress selection has something to make every woman feel gorgeous.”

Here is a (shortened) list of the dresses I’m considering.

The Sandra Dress

The Vamp Dress

Evelyn Dress

Ava Dress

Monique Dress

Vintage Style Pleated Linen Dress

Don’t tell the other dresses, but I think Ava dress is the winner right now. What do you think? Have any other great recreated vintage/pin up clothing sites I should check out?

Stay tuned for What to Wear: Accessories Edition!



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