Sunday Brunchgiving

Breakfast. My absolute favorite meal of the day. I love the smell of coffee brewing, the sound of eggs being cooked in a frying pan, even the sound of water being poured into a small yellow instant bisquick container and shaken like a polaroid picture. Breakfast, I adore you.

I adore breakfast that much more when it slowly seeps into my afternoon and becomes brunch. Homefries, french toast, plates of fruit..

The entire act of cooking breakfast is so ritualistic and meditative to me. It helps to center me for the oncoming day, and as silly as it sounds it really helps set the mood.

My best friend visited me from New York City, and of course, we had to get brunch.

The home fries were amazing!

And I devoured them!

Afterwords we decided to take a stroll into Harvard Sq to work off some of the food we had just inhaled. It was such a gorgeous day, as most days have been recently. 50-60 degrees in November, in New England? Unheard of!

Good friends, good food, and gorgeous weather. What more could you ask for?

Brunch, I will be seeing you again soon.




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