DIY Saturday: Chevron Table Runner

If you haven’t noticed, the chevron pattern is taking over right now. You can find it just about everywhere. On clothing, bedspreads, dishware, and of course in the crafting world. I’m such a big fan of this pattern, I had to incorporate it into my crafting somehow.

We had a lonely table that always looked quite naked in the dining room, so I decided to make my own table runner using this chevron pattern.

  • A plain table runner. You can either make your own, or purchase one without a design already on it. (I couldn’t find a plain one with the texture I wanted, so I bought one with a design and simply cut off the design ends) – $2 Christmas Tree Shop
  • Fabric paint. You can get matte finish, or puffy fabric paint. I chose the matte finish – $1 for each tube
  • A ruler – Owned one
  • A linoleum block, or a pre-made stamp block to cut your design out of – $.50 on clearance at a craft store (AC Moore)
  • A box cutter – Owned one
  • A piece of cardboard to put your fabric paint on – I used the side of a box
  • A speedball roller (this simplifies the process!) – Owned one but usually $6 at a craft store
  • Pencil-   Owned one

I chose a table runner that had the perfect texture, but with a pre-made design on it. I took a ruler and measured off about 2inches on either side of the runner, cut off each end, and then sewed the ends to prevent any fraying. I used a black thread, as the fabric paint I decided to use was black as well. I also really liked the idea of using a teal color.

I found a pre-made foam block, and taking my pencil just free handed a little chevron pattern out of it. I wasn’t too concerned with making it perfect, but you could take the ruler and measure it out more evenly.

Once I had the lines exactly how I wanted them, I carefully took the box cutter and chipped away at the pieces I didn’t want to show up on the stamp. I found using the foam block was incredibly easy to peel the pieces off. Linoleum blocks can be hard to cut into at times.

Next I took the fabric paint and squeezed out about a quarter size amount onto the piece of cardboard. Taking the speedball roller, I rolled it evenly into the fabric paint, and then rolled it over the top of the stamp making sure to evenly coat the entire surface of the stamp. Being very careful not to get paint on the sides of the wood, or anywhere else that may touch the fabric.

I repeated this step over and over again. You’ll need to squeeze more paint out every 2-3 stamp, but I find its must easier to repeat this step than to worry about your paint drying.

I chose to only do 4 across, and not have them touch. I just liked the visual it created better.

Set it in a place to dry, and VOILA! Now you have an adorable chevron patterned table runner.

Next project, to find the perfect center piece for the table!




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4 responses to “DIY Saturday: Chevron Table Runner

  1. very nice work, very neat and precise, thanks for describing the way you did it!
    thanks for posting

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