The Day After Thanksgiving

I write to you all today as a survivor. A survivor of what you may ask? Well, of 2 things.

  1. I survived Thanksgiving with Kh’s family. Aka, the very first time I’ve met them.
  2. My absolute first time going out on Black Friday. It’s shocking that I’ve never gone out, you’d think my extreme love of bargaining would overcome my extreme dislike of crowds.

While there wasn’t anything off from my recipe want list, there certainly were a lot of tasty dishes. I love the classic turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole combination that we had. I got the most amazing apple pie recipe, and I can not wait to try and make it this weekend.

Lunch leftovers!

Kh’s father hand made all these bird houses. They had such amazing detail in them! The one on the far right even had a tiny swing hanging from a branch on the right side of it.

The girls waiting eagerly to go outside.

One of our stops, upon my insistence, was AC Moore. I just had to know what kind of bargains they had! To my absolute surprise it was mostly all on yarn. I made out like a bandit, and can not wait to make a scarf out of these beautiful yarn colors.

I experienced sheer joy while walking through the stores and finding all the owl goodies they had out. Owl ornaments galore! It completely satisfied my owl obsession.

These little fuzzy ones were my favorites!

Now, let my weekend begin!



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