Manicure Monday

Happy Manicure Monday! With the changing of the seasons so sporadic this year, I’ve found it very hard to “settle” into the colder weather. Mostly because the very next day it could be 65 and sunny, followed by a snow storm leaving people without power for weeks.

Mother nature, make up your mind! I want to buy over sized sweaters and a wide variety of cute boots already!

With that said, I’ve found it difficult to stick to a nail color regime. I used to change my toe color once a week, and my nails twice a week. But what do I choose? A dark moody purple? A stormy gray? The possibilities were overwhelming, until I had these little guys done.

Surprisingly simple!

Choose the color you want your owls body to be. I liked the idea of a non traditional owl color. Blue? Why not! Put just a dab of the nail polish down for his body, then with a thin brush (or even a toothpick) draw the top point of the little ears. You may need to do two coats for her body.

 Once you’ve waited a couple of seconds for the body to dry, pick the color you want for her wings. Very carefully make two little dabs on each side of her body for the wings. With the other end of the toothpick, put a tiny bit of nail polish on the end and draw little “V” shapes for the feathers.

 Find a small flat round surface (a bic pen cap could come in handy), and after getting just enough nail polish on the flat part, stamp two little eyes. Be careful not to make this part too thick. It’ll take longer to dry.

Grab another toothpick (or clean off an end of the one you’ve been using) dab it in some white nail polish, and making sure the eyes are dry enough, finish off your owl with two little pupils.

Tah Dah! I love the idea of making an entire 10 finger army of owls.

The panda was a bit easier.

Paint a little round circle shape of white at the bottom of your nail. Wait a few seconds to allow a little drying. You may need two coats here.

Take the same round service you used in the owl tutorial (above) and dip it in just a little black polish. Very lightly make two round eyes, and two little round ears. Take a toothpick and make a small black dot for its mouth.

Once you’ve made sure the round dots for the eyes are dry enough, take the other end of the toothpick and make two little white dots for pupils.

The most important part is making sure you wait enough time to allow drying between each layer and step. If you don’t wait long enough they could get very tacky and the colors will run together.

I can’t wait to try out other little finger animals!





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3 responses to “Manicure Monday

  1. sheerglitz

    i love your step by step pictures

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