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What to Wear Wednesday: Dress Edition

The end of the year is drawing near, and you know what that means.. dun dun dunnnn..Holiday parties. I’m certainly not one to turn down the opportunity to get all dressed up and have a fancy cocktail, or two. But the stress of finding the absolute perfect outfit is beginning to put knots in my stomach.

I have precisely 10 days until my work’s holiday party. 17 days until my loves work holiday party. This means its time to kick it into over drive.

I’ve made the decision to buy a dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing. If you’ve never visited the site, you should! With an introduction to their dresses like this one, how can you say no?

“Dresses | From cotton sundresses in retro patterns to classic wiggles in rich satins and jewel tones, our vintage-inspired dress selection has something to make every woman feel gorgeous.”

Here is a (shortened) list of the dresses I’m considering.

The Sandra Dress

The Vamp Dress

Evelyn Dress

Ava Dress

Monique Dress

Vintage Style Pleated Linen Dress

Don’t tell the other dresses, but I think Ava dress is the winner right now. What do you think? Have any other great recreated vintage/pin up clothing sites I should check out?

Stay tuned for What to Wear: Accessories Edition!


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Where I Stand: Version 1.5

If you happened to miss Where I Stand: Version 1.0, let me direct you to it: Here!

In this thrilling installment of Where I Stand, I bring you my new Black Friday $7 flats, Kh’s mothers’ rug in Connecticut, and the first appearance of Christmas themed pajama pants!

On to the good stuff..









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Frosty Snow Times

Its beginning to get a little frosty out there. December is just around the corner. Maybe its time to invest in some gloves..


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Just Another Manicure Monday

Today I bring you a funky little design inspired by a pillow Kh bought at Ikea.

Recently I’ve fallen in love with designs that look like doodles, and I decided to take it to the next level when I was in Target the other day.

While staring wide eyed at all the color assorments trying to decide what to do, I found this little gem.

Nail Art Pens!! This makes my inability to draw a straight line with nail polish almost nonexistent! While they are a little pricey {$8} for one little pen, it was so worth it.

I don’t have a crazy tutorial today, I simply did two coats of a sparkly dark gray polish I have, a top coat, then once my nails were completely (key word being completely! too tacky and the pen will drag) dry, I just drew away. I had a hard time with my right hand as I’m a righty, but the end result wasn’t too bad.

Throw another coat of top coat to seal in the pen, and you are done.

I can not wait to play with this pen more! and get more colors.. Red, teal, silver.. just you wait!



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Sunday Brunchgiving

Breakfast. My absolute favorite meal of the day. I love the smell of coffee brewing, the sound of eggs being cooked in a frying pan, even the sound of water being poured into a small yellow instant bisquick container and shaken like a polaroid picture. Breakfast, I adore you.

I adore breakfast that much more when it slowly seeps into my afternoon and becomes brunch. Homefries, french toast, plates of fruit..

The entire act of cooking breakfast is so ritualistic and meditative to me. It helps to center me for the oncoming day, and as silly as it sounds it really helps set the mood.

My best friend visited me from New York City, and of course, we had to get brunch.

The home fries were amazing!

And I devoured them!

Afterwords we decided to take a stroll into Harvard Sq to work off some of the food we had just inhaled. It was such a gorgeous day, as most days have been recently. 50-60 degrees in November, in New England? Unheard of!

Good friends, good food, and gorgeous weather. What more could you ask for?

Brunch, I will be seeing you again soon.



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No Sauce “White Pizza” Homemade Style

I’m pretty confident in making the statement that at least once a weekend I con Kh into making me homemade pizza. As of lately, our flavor of the day has consisted of thin crust white pizza. Meaning, no sauce. With lots of veggies. Thinking about it even makes my mouth water, and I’ve already had 2 slices.

We went on a small adventure to enjoy this beautiful weather we’ve been having and ended up at a local food store that’s very similar to a farmers marker, Russo’s.

This is where the brilliant idea to make this delicious pizza again came to us. We grabbed all fresh ingredients and made big plans for our delicious dinner.

  • Dough (either pre-made thin crust dough, make your own, or purchase the raw dough)
  • Garlic
  • Olive Oil
  • Vegetables – Or whatever toppings you see enjoy most. I personally love  broccoli, spinach, and mushrooms!
  • Mozzarella

{Preheat your oven to about 425 degrees}

If you chose to put vegetables on your pizza, you’ll want to cook and prepare all of this first. Steam the broccoli, as well as the spinach. Chop up your mushrooms and garlic while you wait for the vegetables to steam. Saute the garlic in olive oil.

For the thin crust pizza, we just buy a pre-made crust, but have also been known to purchase dough and roll out or own pizza crust. Whichever crust you use, brush a thin layer of the olive oil and garlic over the crust. Then place your mozzarella evenly over the top of it.

Take your toppings and make a layer on top of the mozzarella you’ve already placed on the crust. Then make another thin layer of mozzarella atop the other toppings. I like a lot of cheese on my pizza, although this doesn’t come out too cheesy.

Now.. Wait.

Cook for about 15 minutes, or until the cheese begins turning a golden brown color.

Now, wait even longer for it to cool down.

Then.. finally, enjoy!



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Autumns End

With the end of November so very close at hand, I’m a little saddened to know Autumn is close to its end. While I can’t wait for quiet snowfalls, candles that smell like Christmas trees and of course cookies, I’ll miss the palettes of color that decorate every sidewalk in my path.

See more of my Autumn photos on [my Flickr page]  and on Wordless Wednesday: Mt Auburn Cemetery!


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